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by steeravor on December 30, 2012

That’s exactly it though, you and others like you (there are lots) ARE the fearful. This is the most hated bull rally and that’s exactly why it has legs. Volumes are anemic. Traders are not being greedy, they are scared and staying on the sideline. Crashes do not happen when everyone is bearish, they happen when everyone is bullish. Fundamentals =/= the stock price. Yes, in the long run fundamentals have a strong impact on price, but when extraordinary circumstances come about (QE3) you are simply leaving money on the table by not participating. The choice is yours, but I know what action I am taking.

Sep 14 08:27 AMPerhaps the commenters need to take a step back and take emotion out of their analysis and responses. I am long AAPL, but I am not in love with it. He does so here. This means no more “blowout” quarters, despite having excellent quarter results, because remember “blowout” refers to the blowing out of analysts’ expectations. Blowout quarters are a major catalyst in a bullish run, and indeed they have been a major catalyst for AAPL’s bullish run. Take heed. Ride the wave Q4 2012. Review your position Q1 2013. If Cook can’t innovate like Jobs, there will be a problem.

Sep 5 03:48 PMRather than focusing on equal cost allocation or equal risk allocation, which I find to be rather arbitrary metrics, I believe the prudent investor should emphasize the correlation between investments, or rather lack thereof. If you are “diversified” in 4 sectors equally on cost basis, but they are all highly correlated, a bear market will kill you. Likewise for equal risk. But a portfolio with uncorrelated investments will hold up much better. The key, however, is to find uncorrelated assets that still rise in value as a whole over time.

Sep 13 06:27 AMA national sales tax would have to be in place of a national income tax. Without that it would be going against its very purpose to simplify the tax system and get rid of BS tax loop holes. I would also argue that the implementation of a national sales tax over an income tax would be a greater incentive for workers to increase Fake Omega Watches their salary through hard work and promotion, as they would no longer have to worry about higher tax brackets. Then tax completely luxury items at a higher rate, like super fancy cars, Rolex watches and the rest. This would leave the poor virtually untaxed. The middle class taxed at probably similar rates to now (although the greater incentive given to saving by avoiding the tax could cause total tax on the middle class to decrease). replica omega watches The rich taxed perhaps at a greater level due to the absence of BS loopholes which cause giant corporations to pay little, along with getting rid of the “Swiss bank account” tax escape. To the comment about eradicating tax accountants, it is not getting rid of good jobs if the jobs are unnecessary and a waste of resources. Using the argument that we should keep them on even if there are higher efficiency avenues to explore, means you think we should have never invented machines, or the modern factory. Oh but those machines put so many people out of work! You are fueling unemployment!No, the economy adapts, workers adapt, humans adapt. And we are all better off for it.

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