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A Maintain As Watch Lovers

by steeravor on January 4, 2013

Judge Thomas Stringer Christy Yamanaka

It sounds like the perfect plot for a Lifetime movie. The judge falls for a stripper and loses it all. Judge Thomas Stringer might have saved what little bit he had left, he resigned three days before he was set to answer questions by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission. Due to Judge Thomas Stringer resignation, the Judicial Qualifications Commissions dropped their investigation. Judge Thomas E. on February 11, 2009.

Judge Stringer was being investigated due to his relationship with stripper, Christy Yamanaka and allegations that he had been hiding her money by putting it in his accounts. Some of the allegations that were listed in the initial Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission included:

Judge Stringer had opened several bank accounts in his name, as well as the name of a friend of Christy Yamanaka, and hid her breitling watches money and assets. This was done when Christy Yamanaka owed $315,000 to creditors.

Judge Stringer was named as the titleholder to a home in Hawaii, that was paid for with her money.

Christy Yamanaka frequently made deposits and performed cash transfers in his account.

Judge Stringer had failed to disclose gifts given him by Christy Yamanaka including two Rolex watches, a 2001 Mercedes, and a Las Vegas vacation.

Though the Judicial Qualifications Commission dropped the investigation, the FBI has not commented as to whether or not they are replica watches seeking criminal charges.

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