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Traditional Media Outlets Launch Digital News Ipad App Readers

by steeravor on April 17, 2013

Much like most of the world the online shopping experience in India has been revolutionized in recent years. The amount of people in the country that now chose to shop online as almost doubled in the last decade. Keeping this in mind I have decided to review one of the country top online fashion website, below is my .

My will cover various aspects of the website from its delivery to its customer care and most importantly its products. You have to read it because its great trust me. I will start with the most important part of any online fashion website, and that is its products. The website has an incredibly impressive variety when it comes to the products available on its site. This includes products for both men and women with a number of sub sections for both. One of the most exciting aspects of the website is the discounts offered. The products on the Fashion and You site are available at incredibly low prices thanks to these year round discounts.

One of the areas the website has paid a lot of attention to is its customer service Where ever online purchasing is concerned; it is good to have someone you can speak to. The customer care is available on the phone Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. You can get through them easily and most of your queries will be solved. One more very enticing aspect of their website is the referral system, If a fashion and you user refers the website to someone else he/she gets a Rs. 1000 voucher if the referee purchases from fashion and you. Also, the referee gets breitling navitimer Rs. 250 voucher initially.

The delivery system of website is also very smooth and effective. Whatever you purchase from their website comes delivered within 2 to 3 days and all their products arrive in pristine condition.

So this is my , overall I was very impressed with the website; it adheres to very high standards and takes a number of steps to make sure it maintains these standards.

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