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by steeravor on September 2, 2013

In today world of public speaking, standing out from the crowd is one of your first priorities in establishing a career at the podium. Your success depends on it.

In order to market yourself and your own individuality, you must have something that sets you apart from all others. What is your specialty? What is your niche? Perhaps you have a different philosophy on motivation from that of Anthony Robbins or maybe you have an approach for improving your sales which differs from that of Zig Ziglar. Even if your material is very similar to one of these men, perhaps your unique delivery is your strength.

Once you have established your niche, you need to decide on a name that brands you. James Malinchak, for example, is The Big Money Speaker. His specialty is the college market and he talks about leadership skills. Both Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield are renowned for their hicken Soup for the Soul?series of books. Whenever either one is introduced, hicken Soup for the Soul?follows their names.

Do you have a name, a theory, or a product that you can capitalize on? I have branded myself as The Voice Lady; thus, when I talk about presentation skills or public speaking, I always discuss the speaking voice. I am not concerned if people do not remember my name as long as they remember me as The Voice Lady.

Limit yourself in your topics. Talking about financial planning, motivation, and dog training is not a good idea because you will not be successful. You will be spreading yourself too thin. You need to narrow your focus so that you can target a particular type of audience for your particular subject.

Once you have your subject, you can then replica watches speak on several topics within your subject. As The Voice Lady, three of my topics are Podium Power, Voice Your Way to Success, and The Truth About Vocal Abuse. All three topics deal with the speaking voice in some fake swiss rolex watches uk fashion but they are all different. The 1st deals with the voice and presentation skills; the 2nd deals with the benefits of voice training; and, the 3rd is designed for coaches and trainers as it covers the growing problem of damage to the vocal folds.

Choose your brand carefully and then see if you can get the domain name for it as well as your own personal name. If, for example, you wanted to be AutoGuru and the name was taken, try TheAutoGuru. Be creative and you will be surprised what you may find.

If you want your audience to remember you, your presentation is obviously the most valuable gift you can give them. However, if you brand yourself in the process, it will be that much easier for them to remember you and recommend you as well.